Do You Believe in God?

I recently was prompted to answer "Do you believe in god?" I checked "no", of course, but that's not really a complete answer.

If we expand the definition of "God" to be "all that exists and all the laws governing all of existence", as many do, then yeah, of course I believe in that. And that's usually what I mean when I say "God".

The only part of God that can hear your prayers is the part in your head (and I do pray to that part). On average, God is radiation and hard vacuum, and to say "God doesn't care about us" is putting it far too lightly.

We live here in the infinitesimal sliver of God that is alive, in this brief and fleeting moment after Its inception, as It shifts inevitably into the final divine form: black holes and undifferentiated heat radiation.

What is, is divine. It's on us to make it good.