Trickster Spirit Quest

1474049345792069636 You run a marathon up a mountain. You have books. You're ready!

When you get to the top, you are led by a trickster spirit through every one of your hidden demons. The trickster spirit makes you fall in love with it, then shits on your head.

This happens every day, and all night.

1474049348132507649 As the days continue, the spirit compels you to walk tightropes over fields of stinging nettles. You fall. You are scarred. You try again. The love increases, consuming you. So does the shit on your head. You are more tired and more in love than you thought possible.

1474049348996534274 The trials increase, becoming less physical, but more intense. There is no respite. You are forced to confront deeper and darker demons, drawn from your own psyche and thrown in your face. They lash out at you with whips of stinging thorns.

When you hit back, they get stronger.

1474049349957025793 The books were no help. You read them again. You weren't ready. Every day, you're ready for yesterday, and surprised with new assaults. You call for help, get messages that only vaguely apply to what you're facing. You try everything. Some of it works for a while, then doesn't.

1474049350871379968 There are moments when the clouds part, and you and the spirit commune and bond, and you fall in love all over again. These drops sustain you, just barely. You can't leave. When you need the light, it's nowhere to be found. The spirit seems so delicate, and yet so strong.

1474049351752183817 The trickster spirit wears your face now. It's like looking in a mirror. It taunts you, "you can leave any time you want. In fact, fuck off, I don't want you here. Go."

But you can't. (Or can you?) If you go, the spirit will turn wicked and be released. (Maybe that's ok?)

1474049354813960195 Time stretches and distorts. Have you been on this quest for decades, or just a few days? It's so hard to tell. You're not the same person who ran up that mountain. You're better, stronger, wiser. But also scarred, beaten, and bruised. It's hard to remember the life before.

1474049534703529984 Finally, your quest completed, the trickster spirit has grown into a force of benevolence and goodness. It loves you

It leaves. You are crushed, but now have the strength to withstand it. This was always the goal. Maybe the spirit will visit you. Maybe not. That wasn't the point

1474049536343437312 You walk down the mountain, a weaker body than came up, but a stronger heart, forged and purified and tempered with a form of love that many never know. You didn't do everything right, and feel the sting of every mistake. But you did your best, and eventually accept it was enough

1474049537278832643 This is an awesome and noble quest. But what villain would FORCE someone to go on this sort of ordeal? How could it be anything but a living hell if it wasn't chosen and entered into willingly? How could you fault anyone looking up at that mountain and going "nah, I'm good."

1474049538079920129 All this is to say, I really think the only healthy reason to have kids is a taste for absurd amounts of emotional intensity, personal growth, and exhausting shit work. Some people want that, many don't, and that's cool.