The Calm of Exertion

Exerted and spent, and yet filled up and satisfied.
Like a cat in the sun.
It is work that brings this calm, strengthens the body and mind for another round.
This is the reward of your effort.
Do not squander it!

How often have I burnt myself out, and felt so overwhelmed, like there was never enough time, never enough of me to cover all the corners, spread and stretched as a sheet over too large a bed, butter across too much bread, thin and weary, cracking and torn, pulled to shreds. So many times I've forgotten this lesson, forgotten to pick up my reward, and paid the price for it.

I've told myself that work is to blame. I point the finger at the likely suspect, but the fact of the matter is that I was to blame, and didn't want to admit I'd caused my own pain.

There is plenty of time.
Everyone will get by just fine.

Work hard, and rest deeply. That is the Key.