Reclaim Red

Hillary Clinton was judged to be too much of an insider. She didn’t have a story for the disaffected working class voter who sees a mechanized future where they have no place. A voter who wants something, anything, as long as it’s different. They’ll find out soon enough that this isn’t what they got.

The obvious solution: radicalism. An obstinate hard left anti-capitalist socialist workers’ movement, focused on: systematically destroying and tearing down the institutions of corruption, including the electoral college and the military industrial complex; nationalizing banking, health care, and higher education; criminalizing the bribery of representatives by corporate interests; providing civilian oversight for police; restoring protection for voting rights and establishing universal suffrage as a constitutionally protected right; ending slavery by abolishing private prisons and mandatory minimum sentencing; ending wage slavery by establishing universal basic income for all Americans; streamlining the process of naturalization and providing amnesty for so-called “illegals” who wish to become naturalized.

Such a movement would have the right amount of social justice, scapegoating, catchy slogans, and could unite oppressed minorities and disaffected heartland whites. We can reclaim what it means to be a" red state".

It is time, comrades! ☭