Economic Uncertainty

This was never about “economic uncertainty”. Lots of rich white people voted for this monster. This was never about “the elites” vs “the downtrodden”. Donald is a parody of an evil crooked billionaire, and already starting to name cronies from the financial elite to put in positions of power.

This is about kicking the newcomers out of the franchise. It’s about returning to a supposed golden age when men were men, and whites were on top, and spoke english, and had jobs, and never had to confront their homophobia or transphobia. It’s about blaming The Other for our problems.

Watch as the media spins a tale about the poor disenfranchised Trump voters, about how the media just didn’t listen enough, about how black folks didn’t show up in great enough numbers to the polls. But the facts don’t line up with that story. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote despite losing the white majority. People of color did show up. There just weren’t enough of them. A democracy is always vulnerable to a tyrannical majority.

And here’s why I’m so terrified: the checks and balances that prevent the President from becoming a tyrant only work if the congress, the state governors, and the supreme court are willing to stand up to executive abuses. The GOP now has a majority in both houses of congress, a majority of governorships, and the presidency. There’s an open seat on the SCOTUS, and 2 more likely to open in the next 4 years.

Throughout this election, the GOP leadership has shown unthinkable cowardice and weakness in calling him out for his excesses. Do you really think they’ll change now? His plans are going to harm women, minorities, trans and queer people, foreign civilians, our positions in treaty and trade agreements with other countries, and our economy. Among his first campaign pledges have been promises to jail his political opponents, repeal healthcare for millions of americans, and do away with what little federal protections that LGBTQ people had. People will die, and you can be damn sure it won’t be “the elites” who suffer.

And there is no longer anyone to stop him.

WE did this, White People. It was OUR families, OUR culture, OUR people. I am ashamed, and guilty, and enraged.

Donald Trump is our chicken come home to roost.