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Jason Smith actually I understand that society is like brimming over with misunderstandings of the past, if a time traveler came like he could not help but see them nonstop
Jason Smith actually half of tvtropes covers these
Isaac Schlueter fuck you don't mention that site i'm not allowed to visit that site fuck you and your fucking temptations
Isaac Schlueter sorry
Isaac Schlueter i just have to summon a revulsion reaction whenever fucking tvtropes is mentioned
Isaac Schlueter otherwise, it's "good bye afternoon"
Isaac Schlueter it'slike wikipedia but 10 times worse
Jason Smith yeah, The Dung Ages
Jason Smith basically the entire setting of Holy Grail
Jason Smith although some people call that filth "England"
Isaac Schlueter hahaha
Jason Smith like for all I know they just went outside and shot scenes and England is always overcast and muddy and everybody is covered in filth
Jason Smith oh man I loaded the page
Jason Smith tvtropes is ten times worse than wikipedia
Jason Smith disconnected