John Roderick:

I do believe that being generous— tipping bellmen, and the guy that opens the door for your taxi— handing him some money, even though it’s clear to all parties involved that he’s not performed very much of a service— opening the door for you is not a thing that costs a dollar. Except it does cost a dollar, because that is what we have agreed. He opened the door for you, you hand him a dollar. That is part of the social contract, and to preserve that dollar for yourself is to live in a world where you are not fully embracing the social contract and are therefore not going to prosper by definition.

Learning that lesson, that money is fake, money is absolutely fake, and to treat it like it’s real, and to preserve it like it matters is to miss the point of it entirely. That is not to say that you should be wanton with it. You should count it, and you should know what it represents, but it is just a symbolic thing.

Via: Graham Hancock