Or, you know, we could go own our own infrastructure. Start your own blog, folks. Find a local company who hosts sites or get your own virtual server. Get help setting it up or learn how yourself. And then there are no limits save the actual resources you’re using.

You’ll learn a lot. You’ll own your space, not just lease it for the price of your privacy to another company.


Remember back when Tumblr didn’t have all these restrictions? It was great! Well since then, they’ve added new limits to the things we can do.

Reblog this if you want the Ask Limit, the Post Limit, and all the other limits that Tumblr has been adding to be repealed. If this gets enough notes, hopefully we’ll be able to persuade them to repeal the limits, or at least lessen the restrictions!

Reblog and Reblog and Reblog, and get your friends to Reblog as much as possible!

Via: All confirmation bias, all the time