Re: Brown Coffee Co's "Correcting the Record"

Comment posted on their blog post, reposted here as well. I expect that it will not pass moderation.

Not convinced.

The tweet was “No human law can ever legitimize what natural law precludes #SorryFolks #NotEqual”. In the wake of the NY legalization of gay marriage, this would seem to indicate that at least someone at BrownCoffeeCo believes that “natural law” precludes homosexual pairings, and that homosexual couples are not “legitimate”, regardless of what the “human law” declares.

Am I misinterpreting this? If so, it would be wise to go through that tweet word by word and explain exactly what each bit means, with reference to the specific classical philosophy you are referring to.

Where is this written in the “natural law” of the universe? Is it implied by the workings of physics that love between two humans is better or worse depending on the similarity of their genitals?

You might not be feeling hate or fear when you say these things. But it is nonetheless ignorant and offensive, and your customers have come to expect more from you. They are right to be disappointed. You would earn more respect with an apology and an explanation than with this cowardly backpedaling.