How this works...

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programmer 1 Hey, it turns out you don't need semicolons in JavaScript, and my previous reasons for putting them there are not actually true. Neat.
programmer 2 Yeah, but it'll break.
p1 But... that's just it, it doesn't break. It's actually ok for me to do this.
p2 No it isn't.
p1 Why not?
p2 Browser bugs.
p1 Which browsers?
p2 All of them.
p1 Well, it works fine on all the engines I've tested---
p2 IE.
p1 Works fine there, too. Even in IE 5.
p2 Compression. Compressors can't handle it. Need the semicolons. All of them.
p1 All the compressors in use today handle it fine. In fact, the code compresses a little better in most of them.
p2 Well, whatever, that's not how it's done.
p1 Ok, well, there are other reasons to do things besides a convention. I mean, you're wearing an unconventional hat, and that's cool.
p2 So, now you have a problem with my coding style AND my hat?? FUCK YOU.
p1 You can code however you want, and I love your hat, I was ju---
p2 No. NO. Fuck you. Seriously. You crossed a line, dude. Too far.
p1 [puzzled] I don't get why this an issue, I mean, if you see the spec, it says---
p2 You just can't let this go, can you? Why don't you lighten up?
p1 Let what go, exactly? And I don't really think that I'm the one who needs to lighten anything.
p2 Oh, so now you come in with the personal attacks. I get it. We're all not smart enough to understand your precious spec, so you have to attack people? HAVE YOU NO DECENCY, SIR? AT LONG LAST, HAVE YOU NO DECENCY?
p1 I think maybe hacker news isn't for me...