Wanted: "no-false-attribs" OSS License

Anyone know of a license that says this? If not, are there any lawyers out there who wanna do lawyer stuff to this?

  1. You can use this thing for whatever purpose you want, commercial, non-commercial, whatever, under the following terms:
  2. You can distribute or sublicense this thing as much as you want, provided the copyright and license remains attached to any reasonable portion of the thing.
  3. You cannot sell this thing for a profit without any meaningful changes. You can, however, sell a thing that is built using this thing, or a thing that uses this thing as a component and adds nontrivial functionality to it, or a thing that links to this thing as a separate library, or pretty much anything other than “this exact thing and nothing else”.
  4. If you distribute this thing, whether for profit or not, and you’ve made some meaningful changes, any such changes must be clearly spelled out to the end user, and the bug reporting contact information must be changed or removed.

I’m ok with you using the stuff I build. In fact, that’s actually why I build stuff, so people will use it. And money is great, so using it to make a profit? That’s so totally awesome.

I’m also ok with you sharing the stuff I build. I want people to use it, and if you help that happen, then that’s also great.

I’m super ok with you tinkering with the stuff I build. Seriously. Go nuts on it. Do stuff. Rock on. I’d love to see what you do to it, but if it’s your secret project, I totally get that, too.

I just wish that, if you’re going to change it, and then hand it out to others, you didn’t give me credit for the changes I didn’t make.