In the time that I’ve been a LinkedIn user, 100% of the messages that I’ve got from the service have been one of the following types:

  1. [person you met once] did [some random pointless thing] on LinkedIn
  2. Recruiter Spam

I had 265 connections, all of whom were people I’d actually met and interacted with in some professional capacity. But I never once interacted with any of them in any meaningful way on LinkedIn.

Today, I realized that the worst Manager, the worst Ops engineer, and the worst programmer that I’d ever worked with (three separate people) all have several glowing recommendations on their profile.

In order for evil to triumph, all that must happen is for good men to do nothing.

If you’re going to hire me, it’s going to be because you already know my work. If I’m going to hire you, it’s going to be for the same reason.

I’ll see you on the internets.